Introduction to visible learning for NQT supporters

This week we kick off our visible NQT programme with a session on Tuesday for NQT supporters. On Wednesday we have a welcome meeting for NQTs and we’re excited to meet them.

We will be introducing our NQT supporters to John Hattie’s (2009) research on visible learning – in particular the 5 strands of visible learner, know thy impact, feedback, inspired & passionate teachers and visible learning schools. Their role as supporters is really important – we need to make sure that we support them too! That’s where this blog comes in, we will be using this as way of keeping NQTs and supporters (and anyone else who is interested) up to date with our programme and as it progresses we hope to be able to share practice too.

On 13th August (their first induction day) the NQTs will be learning much more about Hattie’s research on what works. This will be followed up over the year with 5 sessions taking a practitioner enquiry approach. We will be focusing on how we can use Hattie’s research so that we have the biggest impact we can possibly have.

This is a fantastic opportunity for NQTs to learn more about what works when it comes to raising attainment and to use this in their own schools. We look forward to sharing more with you…

For now, you can learn more about the supporter’s session from our prezi.