Visible NQTs Session 2

It was great to catch up with our NQTs and hear how they are getting on in their schools.  All schools in Midlothian are engaging with Hattie’s research and it was encouraging to hear that NQTs are participating and supporting this in their schools.  What a great opportunity for schools and NQTs to learn together.

There was lots of discussion and sharing practice during the sessions.  Most Primary NQTs had gathered information from their learners about what makes a good learner, what makes a good classroom and what makes a good teacher.  This gives them a valuable benchmark for reflecting on how ‘assessment capable’ or visible their learners are.  Secondary NQTs used the assessment capable learner checklist to structure their reflection and discussion.

Due to technical issues the Primary NQTs didn’t get a chance to see some video from Stonefields School in New Zealand.  Secondary NQTs were able to use the video to help them to reflect on the characteristics of visible learners with those they see their pupils demonstrate.  Click on the links below to watch the YouTube videos: – ‘Everyone is a teacher and a learner’ (teachers talking about how they support learning and language for learning) – ‘Stonefields School building learning capacity’ (pupils talking about their learning and being in ‘the pit’)

During the session we focussed on using the information gathered as a starting point and used the characteristics of visible learners to identify one thing they could focus on with their learners to help them become more assessment capable.  As part of the plan NQTs considered what knowledge and skills they and their learners need and what practices they need to develop so they become more routine.  For next session they need to implement this, monitor the impact and come back ready to share with their peers.

Common themes that emerged across both sessions were learning intentions, success criteria and feedback.  Secondary NQTs also talked about how to teach metacognition.  We will use this to help us structure the coming sessions.

As always we welcome your feedback.


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