Visible NQTs – Session 3

It doesn’t seem that long since I blogged about session 2.  Session 3 last week saw us revisiting some of the key discussions from the induction day.

NQTs started by reflecting on the impact of their personal action plan from the last session and it was great to hear their ideas and what impact these were having on pupils.

We revisited 2 important questions:

  • what does good learning look like, sound like and feel like for teachers and pupils?
  • what makes a good learning environment?

These are significant elements of effective learning and need to be reviewed and reflected on to make sure we are getting it right. Here are some of our ideas.

IMG_2451Processed with Moldiv

In preparation for this session NQTs read chapter 4 of Hattie’s ‘Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learners’.  This chapter focuses on the key elements of planning learning: prior achievement, targeted learning, progression, teacher collaboration and critique in planning. We had some time during the session to explore these but we were probably too ambitious about what we could get through in 2 hours.  NQTs heard from practitioners about how they plan learning and take these factors into account when doing so.  The format of having practitioners share their experience worked well and NQTs welcomed this and we aim to incorporate this into each session. Here is our powerpoint for the session.

Visible Learning NQTs Session 3 Nov 2014

For next time…following feedback from some supporters we have asked NQTs to put the visible learning sessions on the agenda for discussion with supporters.  This will allow NQTs to share their learning and reflect on how they are applying it in their classrooms.  As the focus of session 3 was on planning learning and in particular thinking about learning intentions and success criteria and making sure that learners know what they are learning we have asked NQTs to have a peer or their supporter to ask pupils the following questions:

  • what are you learning?
  • how will you know when you’ve learned it?
  • what feedback have you had from your teacher about your learning?

NQTs will then discuss this with their peer or supporter to reflect on what it tells them.  We want NQTs to be prepared to share their learning at session 4 (in January) and what impact it had on them and their pupils.

We will update the blog in preparation for session 4 so don’t forget to check back.


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