Effective Feedback

We have reached our final session with NQTs, we found ourselves back in the room we started in and together as one group. This session focussed on effective feedback.

We started by feeding back on the tasks we set NQTs at the last session.  We asked NQTs to do the following;

  • Share and discuss your mind-map with your supporter.
  • Revisit ‘what makes a good learner?’ with your class.
  • Discuss your findings with your supporter and consider what you can do to have a greater impact for your pupils.
  • Bring your finding and reflections to the next session

NQTs shared their learning with each other, prompted with these three questions;

  • What impact has there been?
  • How do you know?
  • What next?

A clear was the focus on the langauge of learning and being able to see the impact of this.

We moved on to explore effective feedback and started by using some quotations and videos to prompt professional dialogue and reflection.  You can view the videos by clicking on the link below:


The rest of the session took the form of professional dialogue and allowed us to build on and expand the knowledge and discussion the NQTs had and make the links between previous sessions and effective feedback.  A copy of the powerpoint can be downloaded here – session 5.

We left NQTs with one final task, we provided a copy of the relational trust wheel and suggested that they might find it useful to reflect on this with their supporter.  The wording can be adapted to reflect on their class as well as at school level.


Evaluation of the Visible Learning sessions

The second half of the session was facilitated by Kay Livingston and Kevin Louden from the University of Glasgow.  NQTS, Supporters and Head Teachers were asked to complete a survey monkey to explore the effectiveness of these sessions.  The surveymonkey but based on the impact framework developed by Gutkin and Curtis as outlined in the mindmap below.  Kay and Kevin had the opportunity to speak to two focus groups of NQTs and explore key themes in more detail.  We are currently in the process of reviewing the evaluation data and will share this with you in due course.

Visible NQTs Evaluation

It’s been a pleaseure to work with the NQTs this session and I look forward to seeing their research projects later in the term.